La vita non è vivere, ma vivere in buona salute. (Marziale)

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La salute è il primo dovere della vita. (Oscar Wilde)

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Cinque semplici consigli per l’autunno

Source: I know the word Ayurveda is intimidating at first glance. But, Ayurvedic wisdom is something the entire family can understand, embrace and enjoy. By adding a few daily rituals into your usual mix you can start preventing sickness and disease today and stay healthy throughout the Fall. Let's…

10 Esercizi per il mal di testa

Font: A headache can be really debilitating! Popping pills to get rid of the pain may seem like an easy way out but for those of us who suffer from chronic, reoccurring headaches; pills are seldom the right answer. But living with a bad headache is a battle and…